About KRC/Library

Arihant College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Camp, Pune- 01, is an interdisciplinary library that is not stuck on only one subject but revolves around every latest information. The KRC/library is a key to the world of knowledge and acquisition of knowledge. It helps to enlighten the personality of an individual at the vital, spiritual and mental levels and will inculcate social virtues and foster intellectual development to make an individual a worthy citizen. The Knowledge resource center has a stack room with more than 5000+ books, textbooks, journals, and digital resources. KRC/Library has a well and good Reading hall for the students and staff. Dissemination of knowledge through the library and Utilization of the existing resources
KRC/Library of Arihant College of Arts, Commerce and Science has taken a step in automation through initiating a KOHA ILMS Software, it is an automated package of library services that have several functions. It offers OPAC services like cataloging, searching, Patron management, Acquisition, Circulation, Report generation, Indexing of bibliography, Serials management with a full screen graphical web-based user interface.