A Reference Desk:

A reference desk assists in using general library facilities, locating specific documents and other sources of information available in the KRC, Inter-Library Loans, etc.

Documents Procurement Books:
Books, reports, theses in print & digital form are procured on recommendations of staff and students. Suggestion forms are available online on the KRC website. Books are purchased either from a management or a donation basis.

KRC/Library has carried out barcode of all books and journals hence the circulation of books is easy with issuing.


KRC subscribes to foreign & Indian journals in print and electronic form. The journal list is updated every year. Addition or deletion of a journal-title through the divisional Library Committee member or HOD. New issues of journals are released every Wednesday for one week display. Electronic versions of journals are also available.

Electronic Access to several databases & journals hosted on the campus intranet:
The library provides access to several electronic journals through the web. Some of the major publishers whose journals are available online through KRC/Library.

Access to electronic journals is either IP-based or with login & password. The login and password are specified in each title on the KRC page. One can search, save or download the papers by selecting either PDF/HTML format

Fully computerized Library, using Koha Software for library operations.

Web Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) available on LAN and the Internet to all users from the website.

Library Facility Table :
Working Hour 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Current Annual Budget Approx. 150000.00
Library Networking Yes
Internet Speed 40 mbps
Reprographic Facility Yes
Bar Code facility Yes
Library Management Software Yes (Koha)
Document Scanning Facility Yes
Digital Library Facility Yes (DSPACE)
Document Printing Facility Yes
Library Book Standard Classification System Yes (DDC)
Computerized Indexing with barcode tag Yes